Colin Furness

Colin Furness


Colin Furness has been drumming since 1986, mostly with heavy metal bands (Omega Crom, Aberration) as well as tribute acts to Black Sabbath, Metallica, Pantera and Abba (yes I said Abba).  Early in his career, through high school and college, Colin honed his craft playing in a variety of cover bands.

In 1998 he had the honour of touring Europe with Canadian thrash metal legends Infernal Majesty as a support act for Cannibal Corpse (22 shows; 26 days across 15 countries).  In addition, Colin has toured across Canada twice, and participated in many BC/Alberta mini-tours..

He lives in Vancouver and now plays in Alaska and around western Canada with Ettinger.

Colin is a graduate of the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario.  Recording engineering, production, music business, and contracts were among the subjects covered over the two year program.  Drummers who have influenced his style include Tommy Lee, Neil Peart, Buddy Rich, Alex Van Halen, Vinnie Paul, John Bonham and Gene Hoglan, to name a few.









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